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Information Technology (IT)

  • Systems/network design, development, and integration
  • Systems management and administration in complex multi-platform and multi-network environments
  • Local Area Network/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) operation and maintenance
  • Internet and Web support
  • Development of technical documentation
  • User help desk, training, and technical assistance
  • Document Imaging and management


Enterprise Architecture

SOI provides Enterprise Architecture Services,  a comprehensive framework to manage and align an organization's Information Technology (IT) assets, people, operations, and projects with its operational requirements. Our Enterprise Architecture (EA) Experts assist our customers and organizations with the implementation of the of Services Orientation Architecture (SOA), an enterprise-wide architectural technique to define Business and IT in term of services. SOI provide the tools, platform and services to meet and establish your specific environment standards.

  • EA Program Management
  • EA Governance
  • EA Requirement Analysis and Development
  • EA Network Operations and Management


Cyber Security

SOI provides Information Assurance Services and industry-certified experts to minimize risk through a sustained security program that protects the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of critical systems and data.

We understand that Cyber Security is consistently challenging and requires proactive mitigation for our customers. Our information assurance experts have helped the Department of Defense (DoD), Federal Agencies, and Commercial Customers to secure their enterprise operations while enabling information sharing. We monitor and provide risk mitigation strategies for all risks that derive from inadequate business processes and procedures, failures in policy and regulatory compliance, audit reports, out-dated security management tools, employee misconduct, corporate espionage, and unforeseen business interruptions.

We use industry best practices and proven methodologies to deliver security and recovery across any enterprise. We bring real-world experience to our customers through audits, disaster recovery, and personnel with industry-leading technical certifications.

  • Risk Management Framework
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Security Awareness and Training
  • Continuous Monitoring and Compliance
  • Security Life Cycle Development Planning
  • Security Testing and Evaluations
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

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