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Why Department of Defense Installations Need Facilities Operations and Maintenance Services


Facilities operations and maintenance in the department of defense is an essential service. Military buildings and equipment, like civilian resources, need managing and maintenance. That could be here in the United States, abroad, or in hostile environments. That's where industry life cycle sustainment services can help.

Professionals will oversee and keep everything operating as it should. They will handle operations like renovation works, cleaning, landscaping, and so much more. They will also provide computerized maintenance management solutions.

The military camps need to run. Buildings need to be in good condition; likewise, vehicles and other equipment need to be in mint condition. 

Benefits of Industry Life Cycle Sustainment Services

Facilities management providers can take care of all facilities. That will relieve others in the department from any stress accrued. Operating with these resources allows industries to attend to other fronts. Here are some of the benefits:

Preservation of Property Value

The Department of Defense uses equipment with a hefty price tag. Year over year, the government provides billions of dollars into military operations. For instance, the 2022 budget proposal came to a total of $715 billion.

The money goes into various programs. These include purchasing weapons, helicopters, and military vehicles. A significant part of the budget also goes into cyberspace weapons and programs. 

The Department of Defense also spends much of its budget on its operations. Thus, they need to put equal enthusiasm into operations and maintenance. They need facilities operations and maintenance services. That helps ensure their facilities can handle the expensive equipment and technology. 

Reduction of Cost and Liability

Any organization could appreciate lower operation costs — including the Department of Defense. A good facilities operations and maintenance provider will help drive the costs down.

Facilities management involves reactive repair. But, preventative maintenance is also part of the job. That saves the Department of Defense a significant amount of money and will also help reduce downtime. 

Creating a Desirable Environment

There have been endless studies linking the working environment to productivity levels. And the conclusion is that a good working environment boosts employees' morale. Most soldiers have to work in hostile environments. But, part of the crew stays back in facilities. They, too, play a significant role. 

Thus, industry life cycle sustainment services help employees. They ensure that the employees work in a conducive environment. That way, they stand a better chance to support soldiers on the ground. 

Professional Image

The Department of Defense cannot afford to inhibit its professional image. Although the image might not impact performance, it helps secure public assurance and confidence. Maintaining a strong professional image is a subtle demonstration that shows the department is attentive to detail. 

Getting the services of a third-party facilities manager is cost-effective and practical. At Solution One Services, we take pride in our facility management capabilities. We deliver services on time to ensure facilities run optimally at all times. You can never go wrong, given our track record of close to two decades. Contact Solution One Industries today to find out more. 





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