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Life Cycle Management and Sustainment Services for Federal Contractors

Industry Life Cycle Sustainment


Life cycle sustainment is an integral part of the success of any system. It involves developing a logistic support strategy to ensure that a system adheres to sustainment considerations. Industry life cycle sustainment trickles down to all stages of a system — from planning to its fielding and support. 

Life cycle management and sustainment is a joint effort by leaders and members of an organization. They all have to heed effective strategies throughout the life cycle to ensure the best and least costly practices are in play. 

Total Life Cycle Systems Management

Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) is quite a popular system development approach. This approach requires the program manager to act as the sole point of accountability for a given program. Hence, the program manager oversees all activities associated with a system’s development.

Achieving Management and Sustainment Goals

Logistics can be a complex process so it helps to partner with industry life cycle sustainment specialists. But even while relying on a specialist, the organization and its members need to align to the goals.

One of the most important ways to ensure alignment across the members of an organization is planning and strategy training. Planning ensures that an organization follows continuous process improvements while acknowledging changes in the circumstances. With the use of life cycle management services, an organization can handle any changes.

Besides assistance with planning, life cycle management services also help in organizational development. It’s essential to uphold the best business strategies to ensure an organization’s success. Collaboration comes in handy in allowing people to understand processes that other organizations have in place. So, an organization can borrow from others and develop systems that work. Collaboration with other organizations also ensures that you learn about the latest relevant technology.

An organization needs to invest in training to ensure the incorporation of sustainment considerations. Such training helps members of the organization understand new strategies that will improve efficiency while reducing costs across product systems.

Processes Involved in Industry Life Cycle Sustainment

Life cycle management and sustainment are not one-off activities. Instead, it’s a culmination of operations like:

  • Designing a supportable and sustainable system
  • Providing efficient support strategies to meet user requirements
  • Coming up with metrics to confirm and verify the system
  • Ensuring logistical support aligns with statutory regulations 
  • Facilitating iterative technology enhancements
  • Determining an effective system with a minimal logistics footprint

Importance of Life Cycle Support 

Life cycle support helps ensure that your organization’s system meets reliability, usability, and safety requirements. Life cycle support also allows an organization to detect deficiencies and anticipate operation and maintenance costs, saving valuable time and money. In the end, life cycle support leads to better quality and reliability of the final product. That translates to more revenue and lower production costs. 

Solution One Industries is a reliable partner for life cycle management and sustainment. With close to two decades in business, we boast extensive expertise in the field. We are committed to your success and are ready to help. Contact Solution One Industries today.

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