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Welcome to the SOI blog. We are happy to share with you what is going on in our company and share with you exciting news and information about our industry. At SOI we are proud not just of what we do, but how we do it – from providing Professional Services, Logistics Support, and Facilities Management and investing in our people and future workforce to giving our clients the best possible service. We are a premier national support services company. We are committed to working to high ethical, safety, and quality standards, retaining and attracting a diverse and talented workforce, and making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.

What Is the Purpose of Industry Life Cycle Sustainment Services?

Federal, state, and local government and aerospace contractors need an effective strategy for proper resource planning. Industry Life Sustainment Services can help cultivate team support and improve your project plan. At Solution One Industries, we are committed to offering services and products that exceed our client’s requirements and expectations by providing solutions that help them succeed. Here's more information about the purpose of industry life cycle sustainment services:

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Sustainment services help you to focus on tasks related to your specific industry. Such services allow you to get logistic support to increase your chances of success. 

Industry sustainment services create a favorable work environment to boost employee morale. They also give employees the support needed for improved performance. 

Good performance can create a unique brand name which can increase brand marketability. A good brand name may build up your relationship with the public. 

We invest in our employees and future workforce to provide professional services. Our company will deliver the best possible service to our customers.

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5 Benefits of Industry Life Cycle Sustainment Services

Federal success requires proper resource planning. You need lifecycle and sustainment services to refine your project plan, analyze logistics, organize metrics, and cultivate team support. At Solution One Industries, we offer industry life cycle sustainment services to help improve your asset management, reduce costs, and drive productivity. Below are five benefits of industry life cycle sustainment services:

1.) Improved Financial Management

Life cycle sustainment services preserve your assets, helping lower financial stress. These services increase your asset's longevity and decrease the need for new assets. For example, tech tools, vehicles, and military equipment can function for more extended periods without the need for replacements.

Sustainment services also reduce repairs and the cost of operations. The services allow smooth operations of different assets preventing breakdowns that may be expensive to mend.

2.) Effective Strategies and Plans

Industry life cycle services enhance your current plans, increasing their probability of coming to life. The services consider approximate logistics support and different situations that increase the possibility of attaining your goals.

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How Can I Manage Inventory More Effectively?

Inventory management is beneficial for overseeing product and service flow within an organization. Many top leaders fail to implement reliable management techniques to profit from this tool. If your inventory management needs improvement, reliable industry life cycle sustainment services can help. Learn how Solution One Industries can help you to manage your inventory more effectively:

Work With Reputable Industry Life Cycle Sustainment Services

Government agencies and large commercial enterprises deal with a lot that impacts their inventory operations. You can collaborate with established industry professionals to get the work done. Experts offer proven and dependable services to give you time to focus on other areas of your organization.

Prioritize Your Needs

Managing inventory for a large organization is challenging. To make the process simpler, organize the principal items based on priority. Some products have the same demand, and grouping them is the first step to verifying smooth inventory management.

Truck All Product Information

Record your product information. This includes lot numbers, countries of origin, suppliers, barcode data, and SKUs. Tracking each item's cost allows you to understand factors influencing expenses, such as seasonality and scarcity.

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Why Federal Services Need Industry Life Cycle Sustainment Services

Federal success requires an empowered strategy that brings together various departments for a common goal. Industry Life Cycle Sustainment Services can fit in the federal service as it creates expectation, organization, and realization of the set plans. To provide the necessary support in maintenance and continued operations, you must work through relevant sustainment services. It can keep the equipment and systems in place, thus allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Life Cycle Sustainment Services

Life sustainment services emphasize all departments and areas of the unit throughout the industry’s life cycle. Your results may include better performance and presentation from financial, physical, project performance, logistics, and other aspects. You can refine any project idea using these services, as they tweak your idea and support its implementation and execution.

How Can You Use These Sustainment Services?

Federal services usually have different needs that require close planning, analysis, and appropriation.

Benefits of Sustainment Services

Here are the advantages of using sustainment services in the federal sector:

Improved Financial Management

Sustainment services can help you preserve your assets, thus increasing the service period. The services provide proper maintenance and management of assets such as military equipment, vehicles, or any tech tools within the federal space.

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Why Department of Defense Installations Need Facilities Operations and Maintenance Services


Facilities operations and maintenance in the department of defense is an essential service. Military buildings and equipment, like civilian resources, need managing and maintenance. That could be here in the United States, abroad, or in hostile environments. That's where industry life cycle sustainment services can help.

Professionals will oversee and keep everything operating as it should. They will handle operations like renovation works, cleaning, landscaping, and so much more. They will also provide computerized maintenance management solutions.

The military camps need to run. Buildings need to be in good condition; likewise, vehicles and other equipment need to be in mint condition. 

Benefits of Industry Life Cycle Sustainment Services

Facilities management providers can take care of all facilities. That will relieve others in the department from any stress accrued. Operating with these resources allows industries to attend to other fronts. Here are some of the benefits:

Preservation of Property Value

The Department of Defense uses equipment with a hefty price tag. Year over year, the government provides billions of dollars into military operations. For instance, the 2022 budget proposal came to a total of $715 billion.

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Life Cycle Management and Sustainment Services for Federal Contractors

Industry Life Cycle Sustainment


Life cycle sustainment is an integral part of the success of any system. It involves developing a logistic support strategy to ensure that a system adheres to sustainment considerations. Industry life cycle sustainment trickles down to all stages of a system — from planning to its fielding and support. 

Life cycle management and sustainment is a joint effort by leaders and members of an organization. They all have to heed effective strategies throughout the life cycle to ensure the best and least costly practices are in play. 

Total Life Cycle Systems Management

Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) is quite a popular system development approach. This approach requires the program manager to act as the sole point of accountability for a given program. Hence, the program manager oversees all activities associated with a system’s development.

Achieving Management and Sustainment Goals

Logistics can be a complex process so it helps to partner with industry life cycle sustainment specialists. But even while relying on a specialist, the organization and its members need to align to the goals.

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Good Boss vs Perfect Boss


Personally, I have never had a perfect boss and do not believe they exist!  On the other hand, I have had good bosses.  These good bosses were flawed, made mistakes, and failed at things but wanted what was best for the company and its employees.  Whether your immediate boss is a lead person, supervisor, manager, or corporate head, there are commonalities in their behavior and characteristics.

  • A good boss makes their employees feel valued.

When the boss walks into the room and addresses everyone present, whether individually or as a group, it is a form of recognition and/or acknowledgment that you are part of a team.  A “thank you” or a “please” can mean a lot and goes a long way in making that employee feel valued and empowered.

While verbal accolades are great sometimes more is needed to show an employee that he/she is valued.  In addition to natural appreciation, a good boss will take other measures to prove they believe in the employee’s value. For instance, a good boss will take a few moments after project completion and handwrite a thank you or present the employee with a gift card or personalize an email to reflect on how the employee excelled. This could include noting specific areas of team leadership, recognizing them for performance improvements, or highlighting a specific skill the individual users without which the project likely would not have succeeded.

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