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Welcome to the SOI blog. We are happy to share with you what is going on in our company and share with you exciting news and information about our industry. At SOI we are proud not just of what we do, but how we do it – from providing Professional Services, Logistics Support, and Facilities Management and investing in our people and future workforce to giving our clients the best possible service. We are a premier national support services company. We are committed to working to high ethical, safety, and quality standards, retaining and attracting a diverse and talented workforce, and making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.

Life Cycle Management for Shipping and Logistics

Solution One Industries (SOI) provides premium life cycle management services for effective shipping and logistics. Our industry life cycle sustainment services cover everything from inventory management to supply support activity (SSA), HAZMAT, and shipping. We also offer aviation operation & maintenance, central receiving, maintenance management, calibration, drayage, property accountability, and unit movement.

Our Industry Life Cycle Sustainment Services

Solution One Industries offers robust life cycle sustainment services optimized for each client’s needs. Our team comprises highly qualified experts and certified technicians ready to deliver world-class services and capabilities. We're committed to providing customer satisfaction through innovative, cost-effective, and efficient solutions. Here’s an overview of life cycle management for shipping and logistics:

1.      Logistics Services

We offer various logistic support services that provide the best performance across all contracts and operations. SOI provides contractor logistics support and performance-based logistics for land, sea, space, air, cyber, IT platforms, and product support management.

Our logistics support covers engineering sustainment, maintenance planning, personnel, technical data management, training, and more. The SOI team is our real strength, and we strive to maintain a team-oriented culture to deliver outstanding results.

2.      Maintenance & Transportation

We provide maintenance and transportation services based on sustaining and managing the life cycle with maximum ease. Our services include completing aircraft and vehicles, managing overhauls and modifications, and managing services and component repair.

We take care of everything from wheel and brake services to maintaining advanced aircraft platforms and vehicle equipment. SOI can keep transportation equipment at peak efficiency, ready for the next mission. We’re determined to maintain efficiency throughout the year.

3.      Supply Chain Management

SOI provides a wide range of supply chain management services, which are at the heart of life cycle sustainment. Our services are optimized for different organizations, from government agencies to commercial sectors. We also work with agencies within the US and overseas.

Our supply chain management spans warehousing, distribution, transportation, international freight forwarding, fueling services, and more. We employ experts across the board, so you can expect seamless material management, warehouse operations, and inventory control.

4.      Professional Services

Modern life cycle management calls for automation, innovation, cost-efficiency, and information systems management. SOI provides professional services designed to deliver these core targets. We can modernize and sustain your supply chain with the latest equipment.

Our professional services division focuses on program management, training, and development operations, IT support, enterprise architecture, and cyber security. We offer full program life cycle support for a wide range of shipping and logistics mission requirements. 

Choose SOI Life Cycle Sustainment Services

SOI’s industry life cycle sustainment services are designed by leading experts in the industry and geared toward performance excellence. We provide solutions to local government, state, federal, and commercial sectors and are committed to our customer's success. Our team can help you remain on time and within budget. We have an ongoing commitment to mission accomplishment, established since our founding in 2003.

Working with Solution One Industries gives you access to empowered employees, strong leadership, transparency, and effective communication. We're experts in life cycle management for shipping and logistics and cover all areas. Our company honors all contracts and provides competent services to deliver outstanding outcomes. We also offer facilities management services, along with life cycle management and professional services.

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